tirsdag 5. mai 2009

Dance Mix - The Machine is Us/ing Us

Studenter fra the college of Wooster president har laget en danseversjon av The Machine is Us/ing Us av Professeor Mike Wesh. Mike Wesh sier selv i bloggen sin: "Almost 9 months ago, the College of Wooster president, Grant Cornwell, forwarded my video to a remarkable collection of people who were daring and creative enough to think they could dance it … not just dance to it … but truly dance it. And they do. What a great performance. The choreography by Kim Tritt is mesmerizing and surprising (see 2:31!). The music by Sebastian Birch and Ed Caner of Kent State University is nicely melodic and reflective while maintaining the sense of a driving technological edge that is enticing and seductive (the machine is us, yeah!) yet menacing and sometimes threatening (the machine is using us, yikes!). And it is danced beautifully. Special thanks to Dale Seeds for helping to put all these remarkable people together for this production."

Vakkert og tankevekkende, se selv her:


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