tirsdag 13. april 2010

Google integrated with It's learning

It's learning brukerkonferanse,
Integrating Google mail with It's learning, Helge Hannisdal

What do you get:
  • Log onto Itsl and you get dirct access to the google mail
  • New Itsl users are also created in Gmail
  • virus/malware protection
  • 7 GB email storage per user
  • Integrated searching
  • no advertisement
Gmail will be integrated in the dashboard

Distribution lists integrated with courses and hierarchies, so its easy to create distributionslists.

Change password from My settings

Administration of Gmail
  • Manage users from adm view in itsl
  • view which scholls have Gmails and how many accounts created
  • magage each school's domain
Steven Threadgold

  • Each school/site have to have a domain to use.
  • Agree to Google T&Cs
Scenario 1
  • Existing itsl customer
  • New email domain
  • no email to migrate to gmail
  1. Project start
  2. Set up domain
  3. Apply for google apps instance
  4. prove domain overship
  5. itsl configure synchronisation
  6. complete
Scenario 2
  • Existing itsl customer
  • existing email domain
  • email needs to be migrated
  1. prjoect start
  2. apply for google apps instace
  3. prove domain ownership
  4. provide list of existing users
  5. rename existing domain
  6. itsl upload users and configure synchroisation
  7. IMAP across email from existing solution
  8. complete
What can i do now
Review Google edu T&Cs
Communicate to end-users
Be clear of what google sloutions can do vs old system

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